[NOTE: Most of this was borrowed from the results of a personality test I took as part of an earlier blog post. While I agree with the results, it’s largely here just for a few extra buzzword-hits. If you want something with a little less lingo, try the “Questions and Answers” page instead]

What I’m Looking For In An Employer:
More than just a job, I believe that work should provide me with the freedom to utilize my talents and be innovative.

I seek challenge and responsibility, am not afraid to take risks, and I want to feel like the work I do has a positive-effect for the business.

I tend to be inventive and proactive in creating new ways for getting things done. When tasked with leading, I bring a sense of confidence, which can often be motivating and empowering for others. I am quite comfortable in my ability to brainstorm creative ways for things to be more productive, and I’m not afraid to take risks if it means finding a new, better way. I’m sharp and a quick learner. A fast pace or a little stress won’t daunt me in the least.

Interpersonal Skills:
My interpersonal style is extroverted and expressive. I am easy-going and optimistic, even under stressful scenarios. I am open and outgoing and draw energy from my interactions with others. I am not one to become highly emotional about bothersome work issues but instead remain composed and collected. People can usually rely on me to bring a calming presence to even very tense situations.

Though I am quite effective working on a team, I could probably use more work with that. I usually feel much more productive when I have the freedom to do things independently. I believe having the right team to work with, though, can help with this a lot and can help me trust others to do quality work as well.

I enjoy working unsupervised and feel that I am more effective and productive as an individual than as a team member on some projects. I am confident in my ability to come up with solutions to problems that may crop up during a project and I will stand by the quality of my work once it is done.

To reach my goals, I tend to be somewhat spontaneous. I push the envelope or suggest new ways of doing things, rather than following the rules every time I do something. I’m occasionally impulsive, but I temper it with experience in order to mitigate my risks. I often have fresh ideas and am able to break out of the mold, which I think is valuable for helping others consider new approaches. My animated personality can make those around me feel energized, too.

I can be quite passionate in my work and how I interact with others. I am not afraid to challenge the status quo — not only in coming up with new ideas but in also calling upon my colleagues to think outside the box — in a manner that is thought-provoking and beneficial to the company.

I trust the decisions of my superiors, but I feel better when I understand the reasons behind certain decisions. I don’t accept things at face value; rather, I prefer to critically assess others’ decisions and offer my own opinions. Even though I believe there’s value in questioning the rationale behind decisions at times, I tend to choose those moments wisely. I am tactful and speak up only when I believe there could be real benefit from such a challenge. As such, my colleagues and superiors appreciate my willingness to put myself out there on behalf of the organization.

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