Posted by – March 8, 2007

For those of you who have worked with me in the past (or do currently), can you give me some ideas of stuff to mention about myself?   Since it’s likely I’ll be asked to go over some of what I’ve worked on in the past next week, I could use some material to work off of.

I know the lack of ASP.NET development is gonna’ hurt things a bit, but what can I say? I just haven’t had any interest in it yet.

Anyhow, if I’ve made any applications, tools, or systems that you think are worth mentioning, let me know.  I figured I’d ask here since there not a whole lot that I was too impressed with most of what I’ve made, but I’m sure some of the other people at the office have a different view :-)

Thanks, folks!

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  1. dscott says:

    These are just some items off the top of my head… But for the time I worked with you:

    Regularly involved with IT infrastructure changes and upgrades related to software development, database management, development and security, systems integration, hardware issues, network issues, scheduling of major upgrade installations, and technology acquisition.

    Developed and created DIGDUG (you’ll have to elaborate more on what that is/does)

    Developed and created Fax viewer for customer service/billing departments allowing quick retrieval, reviewing and storage of order faxes.

    Developed multiple Functions, views, and stored procedures allowing the company to efficiently meet its highly custom reporting needs.

    Modified ActSoft’s Comet Tracker application to allow for Order forwarding between multiple phones utilizing custom stored procedures and DTS Jobs.

    Communicated with 3rd party software developers to resolve software integration and development issues.

    Assisted Jr. Developers in troubleshooting and provided guidance on standard IT practices.

    The way I see it, you really are the core of the IT department there. You are the one who truly understands the technology employed there and any issues regarding its improvements and/or additions.

    You really need to walk around that place with a notepad, or dig through the network and say “I did that” or “I helped implement that”, you will be surprised at your list. It easy to shrug off things that you consider simple but others may see as complicated and what they are looking for in someone they want to hire.

  2. kevin says:

    Thanks for the list. I should be able to elaborate a bit more off of that…

    While you were still working over here, I think I had mentioned wanting to make a portfolio… But when I started on it, I just couldn’t think of anything good to include.

    I guess I’ll start on my portfolio today. No time like the present, eh?

    Thanks for the feedback.