Posted by – February 1, 2007

From Nick C. –

“kevin are you awake???

I just got vista and i’m pissed off!!!”

I don’t think I even need to elaborate, but… seriously… What would possess someone to upgrade to Vista? 😉

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  1. ppp says:

    In my country, after the recent bill’s visit goverment told us that every person who won’t upgrade would be executed by BSA. But BSA actally bought some outdated guns which DRMs were incompatible with Vista HDCP – it reduced the gun’s range to 2 meters and speed to 1 shot/hour. Im (thankfully) still alive.

    I already sold my house to buy XP 5 years ago. Now bill is so freaked out that he even insisted to downgrade the guns OS to educational version of NT2000 from MSDNAA just to finish the executions. Now they will fire for sure… what can i do?

  2. dscott says:

    The BSA in the Business Software Alliance. They usually call when your company has been found using illegal software. I guess something like the RIAA for software.